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Friends of Handforth Station

Notes of AGM - 25/11/08

Venue:  The Railway Inn, Handforth.
Mike Bishop  - Chair (MB)       Steve Nash  - Treasurer (SN)
Andrew Backhouse (AB)         Rob Sawyer - Secretary (RS)
Cllr. Burkhill (BB)                      John Moreton (JM)
Peter Mahler (PM)
Apologies received:  Sue Bidwell, Robert Morton, Bob Barlow. 

Chairman’s Report

Another successful year with a number of achievements including:
  • Cheshire Best Kept Station ACoRP Award
  • Website and new logo launched. Thanks to Martin Jackson.
  • Active involvement in Community Rail Partnership (CRP).
  • Successful lobbying for timetable improvements.
  • Erection of posts by Northern for European signs.
  • Work towards creating disabled access to "down" platform with assistance from Survey Systems and Giffords and CCC.
  • Award of grant from MBC for sleeper sculpture work.
  • Receipt of grant from CRP for plants.
  • Several work parties - in liaison with Handforth RESPECT including planting wildflower plugs provided by MBC
  • Maintenance of garden by Rotary.
  • Repair of flags/flagpoles.
  • Artwork project for booking hall by Wilmslow Grange School.
  • Donation of Railway Inn pub sign from Robinsons Brewery.
  • Trip to York for event hosted by Northern Rail.
  • Support for plans for model railway in Meriton Road Park.

MB thanked the various sponsors and supporters.   

Treasurers Report
SN reported a bank balance of £899.06
Outlays included flag/flagpole repairs and "Underground" style sign. 
Funding received this year included: £250 from ACoRP, £300 from the CRP, £100 from the Railway Inn (inc. £50 for purchase of the pub sign). 
Funding to follow: £200 from the CRP, £800 grant from MBC for sculpture carving. 

Proposal for RS to become a cheque signatory accepted by all. 

Election of Committee 
MB, SN and RS were re-elected. AB will take over as Information Officer. Thanks to John Bibby for his past work in this role. 


Real Time Information - FOHS have put up the 0800 number that passengers can call for current train information. The group will lobby for screens and/or help-points.  It was agreed, in principal, to make a small contribution towards station help-points if asked by the CRP.   

Clock -  Contour housing will permit a station clock on the side of their building near the down platform. MB looking into design/funding. 

Smoking - MB to highlight smoking in waiting shelters to Northern. 

Bins - Northern to be re-contacted re. lack of bins mid-platform. Litter near Footbridge - to be reported again to Network Rail. 

School Visit - MB to facilitate station visit by Rainbow Pre-school. 

Sculpture - MB/SN to chase Paul Noon for sculpture start-date. 

Signs - Efforts will be made to obtain more foreign railway signs.