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Prince of Wales 2010 Visit Sign121 viewsHandforth sign marking the visit of HRH Prince of Wales to the station in 2010 (c/o Malcolm Spence)Jan 20, 2016
DB German Railways sign 166 views(c/o Malcolm Spence)Jan 20, 2016
Regional Railways 1990's Handforth sign164 viewsBR Regional Railways 1990's Handforth sign (c/o Malcolm Spence)Jan 20, 2016
LUAS (Dublin) Sign137 viewsDublin Light Rail Tram system sign (LUAS is Irish for "speed")
(c/o Malcolm Spence)
Jan 20, 2016
Dutch Railways Sign 154 viewsDutch Railways Handforth sign (c/o Malcolm Spence)Jan 20, 2016
Chinese sign designed by Jack Chai169 viewsChinese sign with calligraphy by Jack Chai of JCK restaurant in Handforth (c/o Malcolm Spence)Jan 20, 2016
Strathclyde sign185 viewsHandforth sign in Strathclyde transport (SPT) colours (c/o Malcolm Spence)Jan 20, 2016
Hong Kong Handforth sign190 viewsMTR (Hong Kong’s Mass Transit Railway system) Handforth sign (c/o Malcolm Spence)Jan 20, 2016
Isle of Man Railways sign174 viewsSign in the style of isle of Man steam railway (c/o Malcolm Spence)Jan 20, 2016
New Station Garden designed by Wilmslow High School Students - September 201589 viewsA garden created by 24 students from Wilmslow High School for the RHS Tatton Flower Show has been installed at Handforth StationSep 09, 2015
Soldiers181 viewsSoldier characters in Over by ChristmasSep 22, 2014
Poppies181 viewsCharacters in Over by Christmas hold poppies aloftSep 22, 2014
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